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10 Tips for Family and Friends


Many people expect that hearing aids “should make your hearing normal again”. As we know, this is not the case. There are a number of strategies family and friends can use that will help YOU hear better with your hearing aids.

1. Face to face conversation is essential. Hearing aid users count on lip reading and watching facial expressions to follow the conversation. Don’t talk from another room!

2. Speak clearly, naturally, not too fast and do not shout. Shouting makes the speech distorted and difficult for the hearing-impaired individual to understand.

3. Call the person’s name first to get their attention before starting the conversation.

4. Try rewording rather than repeating E.g.: “What do you want for dinner” vs. “I was wondering what you would like to eat for supper tonight”.

5. Background noise can overpower the dialogue. Whenever possible, reduce background noise as much as possible.

6. Suggest sitting closer to the front in places such as church, meetings or presentations.

7. Don’t talk with your hands covering your face.

8. Have the hearing-impaired individual repeat back what they have heard. When giving information such as phone numbers or addresses, often one number can sound like another and easily lead to mistakes.

9. Set the topic of conversation. Try not to switch topics of conversation without warning.

10. Lastly, be patient. Listening to conversation is hard work for the hearing-impaired individual.

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