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8 Communication Strategies for Successful Relationships

Hearing loss is a struggle, but that doesn’t mean it has to negatively impact your relationships.  Even if many things are out of your control, these 8 tips are simple and actionable.  You will be confident that your relationships will continue to be great, despite hearing loss.

Help is There When You Need it

You don’t have to be afraid to ask for help.  Remind people if you are in a situation that may make hearing more difficult. They won’t mind accommodating to make your life easier.

Remember, a conversation is a 2 way street. If you aren’t able to communicate effectively it impacts them.  Be sure to thank them and show your appreciation when they help you out, everyone likes to feel appreciated.

Don’t Give Up on Groups

It is easy to get lost in group discussions, no longer being engaged in the conversation.  To worsen the situation, people speak at different volumes and with different tones.  Just don’t give up; speak when you can and try to be in the conversation as often as possible.

Patience is a Virtue

Relationships are an important part of your life and you will have to adjust them to any communication difficulties you may have.  It isn’t easy. There will be times you want to give up, but you must be patient.  When you get past those periods of difficulty you will be so happy that you didn’t cut people off.

Take Care of Your Hearing Aid

If you take care of your hearing aid, it will take care of you.  Something as small as clogged filter could mean the difference between struggling to hear and having an amazing conversation.  Remember to change your filters and batteries often.  Understand there is no standard time between those changes and be aware of when your hearing starts to deteriorate.

Time Matters

The way someone speaks when they wake up versus lunch time can be very different.  Time affects their attention, energy, stress, etc. This means you have to understand when people are best communicating for you.  This takes time and practice, but simply being aware will help you figure out the best times for a conversation, quickly.

A good rule of thumb is that early in the morning and late at night are the most difficult periods of time, in regards to speech quality.

Find a Good Space

If you meet someone in a congested city, having a conversation is going to be very difficult.  Whether you are meeting someone for the first time or want to spend time with friends and family, try and find a relatively quiet place.  This can be as simple as a café or at someone’s house.

Be Face to Face

Technology means more and more people want to interact primarily over the phone.  You probably know how difficult that makes interaction.  Try asking people to text or email you, rather than call.  If a call is necessary, just tell them to text or email you first so you know who is calling.

Strategic Positioning

If someone is facing away from you, just ask them to turn around while you talk with each other.  If you are going to drive somewhere, call shotgun or drive yourself. Being in the back seat can make communication more difficult.


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