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A Healthy Heart = Healthy Hearing

Healthy Heart

The health of your heart and your ability to hear may seem unrelated, but recent research has found a correlation between the two.  If you’re at risk for heart disease, you may have an increased risk of hearing loss.  The reverse may also be true whereby your hearing loss may be a risk factor for heart disease.

Cardiovascular abnormalities and hypertension can damage the sensitive blood vessels in the ear. Plus, an irregular heart rate can decrease blood flow to the inner ear, which also causes damage.  The good news is that hearing loss can act as an early warning sign for heart disease.

The correlation between heart disease and hearing loss does have a more positive upside.  Since cardiovascular disease can increase the risk of hearing loss, the opposite is also true:  A healthy cardiovascular system reduces that risk.

Of course, the way to a healthy heart is a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. A healthy lifestyle will keep your whole body healthy, including your ears.

People over 55 should automatically order annual hearing screenings, whether or not there’s any sign of hearing loss.  It’s worth repeating:  Since cardiovascular issues can affect your hearing, hearing loss can be an indicator of heart disease.  An annual hearing test can remove the stigma of discovering your hearing loss via trial and error and lots of embarrassment.

With an annual hearing test, you can be proud that your ears still work as well as they do, and if any hearing loss is found, you can get help well before you absolutely need it.

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