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A Night Out To The Theatre

A Night Out To The Theatre

Our night started at the restaurant Richmond Station where we enjoyed a glass of wine and some delicious food! This restaurant was perfect, not just for their amazing food, but because it was a mere 3 minute walk to Elgin and Winter Garden Theater where we went to see the musical “Come From Away.”

We left the restaurant 30 minutes before our show started at 8 pm. This gave us plenty of time to find our seats but also pick up an assistive listening device! The Elgin and Winter Garden Theater is equipped with an infrared hearing enhancement system. We walked to the concession stand located in the main lobby (where I’m sure you’re already headed to pick up some treats for the show). Lucky for us there was only one person ahead of us in line. There was no cost for this device. You just leave a piece of ID with the Theater Center staff which is returned to you at the end of the night when you drop off your device.

Each of us took turns during the show trying out the device. All we had to do was place the two rubber ends in our ears. Immediately we could hear the actors and music much clearer!

Hearing DeviceRemember that hearing loss doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy a night out with friends or family. Call your local theater to find out what options they have for individuals with hearing loss. I think all of us at Peel Audiology would recommend a night out to see “Come From Away.”

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