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Services we Provide

  • Comprehensive hearing tests for all ages
  • Hearing aid prescription
  • Hearing aid sales
  • Hearing aid programming
  • Aural habilitation classes
  • Minor in-house hearing aid repairs
  • All make manufacturer hearing aid repairs
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Custom earmolds
  • Custom earplugs: swim plugs, noise plugs and musicians plugs
  • Hearing aid batteries

Comprehensive hearing assessments for all ages

We have specialized hearing test equipment, so we can provide hearing assessments for all ages

Birth to 4 months

Hearing tests for babies is completed using Auditory Response testing (ABR).  Much like an EEG, electrodes are used to pick up responses to sound along the auditory nerve. The baby needs to be asleep in order for this hearing test to be performed. .

6 months to 3 years 

Infants’ hearing testing is done through visual reinforcement audiometry. Localization responses to sound are reinforced with visual stimuli.  We are able to get full accurate hearing assessments using this method.

3-4 years

Complete audiograms can be obtained on pre-schoolers using a conditioning technique.  Children are conditioned to put pegs in a board in response to pure tone stimuli.  We also perform tympanometry and if necessary otoacoustic emission testing at our hearing clinic.

4-6 years

By 4 years of age most children can have a  hearing test very similar to that of  adults , with only slight modifications for the response requirements.to sounds.

We also test the function of the middle ear using tympanometry. A soft probe is put in the ear and a small amount of pressure is applied to check the function of the eardrum and middle ear. This hearing test is especially useful in determining if a child has fluid behind the eardrum. Otoacoustic emissions is an objective measure of cochlear (Inner ear) function whereby a soft probe is inserted in the ear canal and measures if the inner ear echoes a sound back in response to a sound entering the ear. Presence of the echo suggests normal cochlear function while absence of the echo is a red flag that there may be hearing loss present.


Initially, a hearing test for adults will involve taking a thorough case history and a visual examination of your ears.   You will then be asked to listen and respond to different pitches and intensities of tones presented through insert earphones to determine your hearing thresholds.  These results will be used to create the audiogram or graph of your hearing.  You will also be asked to repeat words back to check your discrimination or clarity for speech.  A measure of middle ear function will also be made.

Once this hearing test is complete, all results will be discussed with you and your concerns and questions will be addressed.

Hearing aid prescription

In Ontario only an audiologist registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario can prescribe hearing aids.  Audiologists are the trained professionals who specialize in working with individuals with hearing problems at hearing clinics across the globe.  They perform a hearing test to evaluate your hearing abilities and can prescribe and dispense hearing aids if needed.  Audiologists hold a masters or doctoral degree from accredited universities in the identification, treatment and prevention of hearing loss for people of all ages.  Click here to see our process.    

Hearing aid sales

Peel Audiology and Hearing Aid Services is an independently owned and operated hearing clinic, allowing us to prescribe all hearing aids available in Ontario. Click here to see links to hearing aid manufacturers.

Hearing aid programming

Professional custom programming and verification for all hearing aid makes and models.

Aural habilitation classes

Communication Strategies Workshops are held at our hearing clinic. These workshops are available at no charge to all clients who have purchased hearing aids from us. We encourage you to bring a family member or friend. Coffee/tea and cookies are always served.  If you would like to attend a workshop just call Kim or Kathy to register.

We are also available to make presentations about hearing and hearing loss to increase awareness in the community. If you belong to an organization that would be interested in having us give a presentation, please let us know.  Feedback has been very positive.

Minor in-house hearing aid repair

Cleaning, tubing changes, receiver replacement are all done in house at our hearing clinic.  This can often be done while you wait or you may drop off your aid and we will have it back to you usually the same day.

All make manufacturer hearing aid repairs

We deal with all hearing aid manufacturers in Ontario.

Assistive listening devices

There are special phones available for people with hearing loss as well as amplifiers for the television and FM systems. Many hearing aids have blue tooth capabilities which allow them to connect to cell phones, iPads and iPods and wireless blue tooth microphones.  Your audiologist will discuss these options at our hearing clinic during your hearing aid evaluation or when the need arises. Click here to see link.

Custom earplugs: swim plugs, noise plugs and musicians plugs

Impressions will be taken and custom molds can be ordered through our hearing clinic. Our audiologists are experienced in taking impressions on all ages including newborns.

Hearing aid batteries

We carry premium Rayovac batteries. Join our battery club. Buy 5 packages of batteries and receive one package free.

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