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Don’t Fall into Autumn Hearing Trouble

Autumn is pretty, but it can be pretty hard on your hearing

Every season has it’s sounds, some louder than others, and Autumn is no different. Here are a few to remember, as we head into Fall:

Leaf Blowers: If you use one of these for leaf clean-up, please use earplugs or noise-reducing earmuffs. Blowers easily cross the 85-decibel threshold at which experts say hearing starts running the risk of damage.

Football Fans: Enjoy spending Autumn weekends watching football? You and your fellow football fans could be helping one another develop hearing loss. The record for the loudest crowd roar is currently held by the Kansas City Chiefs at higher than 142 decibels. Whatever you wear when you’re blowing leaves, bring it with you to the stadium.

Hunting Guns: Just because you’re out in nature on a hunting trip and not inside a gun range doesn’t mean your guns get less loud. Gunshots are loud enough to cause hearing damage instantly. Explore the broad range of hearing protection available for hunters.

And of course, there’s everything else. Some sounds are for all seasons. Keep music at a safe level (and please don’t crank your earbuds up high enough to hear over your leaf blower). Stay aware of noise levels in the workplace. Injury knows no season, either. If you play fall sports, take precautions to avoid trauma that can lead to hearing loss.

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