Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn s

The Oticon Opn S is Oticon’s newest receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) and behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid. This hearing aid has Oticon’s new OpenSound Optimizer which allows more gain with an open fitting with a lower risk of annoying whistling sounds. This hearing aid scans the full 360 degree environment over a 100 times per second to identify noise and focus on speech. These are lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids so you can charge your hearing aids while you sleep for a full day’s use.

Oticon Siya

Oticon Siya

Siya is a made for iPhone hearing aid in an economical line. This hearing aid has fast acting adaptive directional technology, noise reduction, wind noise management and transient noise management to rapidly decrease uncomfortably loud sounds. It is available in all hearing aid styles and has a rechargeable option.

Opn miniRITE

Traditional hearing instruments utilize directionality to help users hear the speech that is in front of them. The Oticon Opn provides users with information about their surrounding environment (360 soundscape) so that their users can pick and choose which speaker they want to hear. The Opn is also a made for iPhone hearing aid!

Opn Rechargeable

With the Oticon Opn zinc rechargeable hearing aids, users do not have to worry about opening up the battery compartment at night and changing batteries every few days. However, the Oticon Opn also allows users to use regular batteries in case they forget to charge their hearing aids.

Opn BTE13 PP

Also a made for iPhone hearing aid, the Opn BTE13 PP hearing aid is a great compact solution for individuals who require more power for their hearing loss. The aid comes with an easy to use push button for volume and program control.


A multipurpose tool that works as a remote control and allows users to turn their Opn hearing aids into a wireless headset for phone calls and for listening to music! In addition, the ConnectClip turns into a remote microphone making it easier for users to hear speech from a distance of up to 20 metres away!

Oticon Xceed

Oticon’s newest behind-the ear hearing aid. Connect your hearing aids wirelessly to your smartphone and have access to a wide range of accessories with direct streaming. Enjoy 360-degree access to speech and conversations with less noise.


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