ReSound LiNX Quattro

Linx Quattro is now available in custom hearing aids. You can stream directly from you iPhone or Google phones directly to your hearing aids. ReSound was the first manufacturer to have hearing aids which would directly connect to an iPhone and now they are the first to have direct streaming of your iPhone to a CIC (completely in the canal) hearing aid.



LiNX 3D is Resound’s latest platform that comes in all hearing aid styles. It is a Made for iPhone hearing aid that allows users to have direct audio streaming from their cell phone to their hearing aids. It is also compatible with their Smart 3D app, where users may control their hearing aid volume and settings discretely.

Enzo 3D

ReSound ENZO 3D is a power hearing aid for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss in a slim design. It offers made for iPhone technology that allows one to stream phone calls and music from their iPhone or iPad directly into their hearing aids. It uses binaural directionality technology to give the user a sense of where sounds are coming from.

LiNX 3D Rechargeable

ReSound LiNX 3D Rechargeable hearing aids provide users with up to 16 hours of listening time. Like the LiNX 3D hearing aids, it is also built with Made for iPhone technology.

ReSound ONE

ReSound introduces their newest hearing aids which combine the traditional two microphones with a third microphone that sits in the ear canal providing a more natural sound quality. All Access Directionality automatically adjusts directional microphones depending on the environment you are in to allow improved hearing in any environment. Ultra Focus will allow better one-to-one hearing with someone in front of you. Available as rechargeable (with a portable charging case) or with batteries. Able to stream directly to iOS devices and with newer Android devices too!

ReSound ENZO Q

The newest behind-the-ear hearing aid for those with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Comes in two sizes and both work with the full line of ReSound accessories. Both hearing aids will direct connect with your smartphone for streaming and are compatible with the Smart 3D app.


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