Signia’s Styletto

Styletto Connect

The Styletto Connect is Signia’s slim receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid now combined with streaming on-the-go allowing connectivity for phone calls, TV, and music. These are lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids with up to 19 hours daily runtime. Own Voice processing gives your own voice a more natural sounding quality. Only available as a binaural set.

Insio Nx ITC/ITE

Insio Nx ITC/ITE

Insio Nx in-the-canal (ITC) and in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids are Signia’s custom products that are compatible with most Apple devices for direct audio streaming. Android users can also experience the sound quality of streaming calls or music through their cell phone with Signia’s StreamLine Mic. The Insio is also equipped with Signia’s Own Voice Processing (OVPTM) technology to improve the user’s acceptance of their voice without compromising audibility.

Charge and Go

Charge to Go

The Charge and Go system offers the benefits of the Signia Nx hearing aids in rechargeable form. Using a lithium ion battery, the Charge and Go hearing aids deliver up to 19 hours of continuous use. Available in the behind-the-ear and receiver-in-the canal style hearing aids.

Signia’s Styletto

Styletto X

Signia’s rechargeable slim receiver-in-canal hearing aids with a sleek design. Available on Signias newest Xperience platform. Signia’s pocket sized charging case allows you to charge on-the-go or with a charging pad. Combined with streaming on-the-go allowing connectivity for phone calls, TV, and music.

Signia’s Styletto

Pure Charge & Go X and Pure 312 X

Signia’s receiver-in-canal (RIC) are now available on the newest Signia platform the X. Available with either lithium-ion rechargeability or with a 312 battery. Rechargeable hearing aids come with the new Inductive Charger II that comes with a lid to protect your hearing aids. World’s first acoustic motion sensors that allow the hearing aid wearer to understand speech from any direction even when they are moving. Ability to directly stream from iOS devices and from other devices through the StreamLine Mic accessory. Have more control over your hearing aids with the Signia App!


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