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Hearing Aids do Make a Difference


Making the decision to try hearing aids often takes a long time. An average person will wait seven years from first noticing hearing loss before doing anything about it. Many barriers exist which prevent people from purchasing hearing aids. A common myth is that hearing aids don’t work. However, with recent advances, hearing aids not only improve hearing but they can significantly improve quality of life and prevent an individual from becoming socially isolated. Recent research has suggested that untreated hearing loss can be a contributing factor in the risk of dementia

With the advent of digital technology, hearing aids are programmed to each individual’s hearing loss. They can reduce some background noise by focusing on sounds in front of the individual while reducing the sound from behind. Using wireless technology, hearing aids can receive signals from blue tooth devices such as cell phones or iPods and some can even be controlled with an iPhone. With new technology, today’s hearing aids really do make a difference. A patient recently said “My old hearing aids just sat in the drawer but now I wear my new hearing aids from Peel Audiology and Hearing Aid Services all the time.

I’m hearing better at home and in social settings and my family is happier!” When a person with hearing loss does not wear hearing aids, it has a significant negative impact on the individual, their family and social relationships.

Hearing aids come in many different styles. The style of hearing aid that is right for an individual depends on a combination of their degree of hearing loss, size of the ear and features that will provide the best hearing. All hearing aids come with a 90 day trial period after which money can be refunded if they are not totally satisfied. Remember, a hearing aid is always less visible than a hearing loss.

Research in hearing aid satisfaction has found the most important factor in determining patient satisfaction from hearing aids is seeing a qualified hearing health care professional who uses best practices in the fitting and rehabilitation with hearing aids.

Audiologists have a minimum education of a University master’s degree and in Ontario are the only regulated hearing health care professionals. They belong to a provincially regulated college that sets out preferred practice guidelines designed to provide quality care and protect the public. An independent audiologist will provide patient-centered care using diagnostic treatment counselling. It’s their job to help patients hear better.

At Peel Audiology and Hearing Aid Services patients are offered a no-obligation demonstration of hearing aid technology. Communication strategies workshops are offered at no charge to patients who purchase their hearing aids from us. All patients are seen by a qualified audiologist registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO).

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