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Hearing aids do more than help you hear better

As the name implies, hearing aids help you hear better. Unfortunately they don’t only amplify what you want to hear but also amplify other sounds in your environment. Part of wearing hearing aids successfully involves using them consistently so your brain can learn to focus on the important sounds. But helping you hear better isn’t all hearing aids do. They improve relationships with family and friends, improve job performance and make you more interactive in social settings. When you wear hearing aids you don’t have to work as hard to listen, decreasing fatigue and frustration. Hearing aids can help lessen the impact of tinnitus. Wearing hearing aids has also been shown to decrease the risk of dementia. There have been great improvements in hearing aid technology and more people are realizing the positive impact hearing aids can make on their lives. One of the most important aspects in successful hearing aid use is seeing a qualified professional to be properly fit with amplification. We have years of experience with both children and adults, and take this responsibility seriously. We listen to your concerns and provide you with the best solution for your hearing health care needs. Your satisfaction is our number one concern. Lynne and Janet began providing audiological services at Peel Memorial Hospital in 1989 and opened Peel Audiology and Hearing Aid Services in 1996.

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