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Hearing Aids and Moisture Don’t Get Along.

Hearing aids need to be dry in order to work their best, and the moisture that tends to effect hearing aids builds up slowly. Check out a great way to make sure they stay dry.

Just like any other piece of personal electronics, hearing aids don’t like moisture. So first, let’s get the obvious sources of moisture out of the way. Don’t swim with your hearing aids on. Don’t shower with your hearing aids on. Don’t go frolicking in the rain with your hearing aids on.

The level of moisture risk changes depending on what type of hearing aid you have (behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, in-the-canal, etc.) but for all hearing aids, the rule is: Keep them dry!

You may be surprised to know that moisture from outside sources, like rain, isn’t the biggest challenge to hearing aids. The bigger challenge comes from perspiration. Sweat coming into contact with the hearing aid, over time, can seep into the openings on the device, causing function problems.

Because you can never quite know just how much moisture is building up, it’s recommended that your hearing aids be dried every day. The best way to do that is with specialized equipment like a Dri-Aid Kit or with electronic drying kits like the Phonak D-Dry.

The drying process of the Phonak D-Dry combines gentle heat with natural air circulation and UV-C light, which has been proven to reduce the accumulation of germs and the risk of skin infections in and around the ear.

With the Phonak D-Dry, you simply put your hearing aids into the unit and select a drying time—three hours for average-level moisture; six hours for the levels that come with high humidity and physical exertion. The unit turns off automatically when the time is up and the UV-C light will turn itself off if you happen to open the cover while it’s on.

Talk to us about the Phonak D-Dry and other options for keeping your hearing aids in top condition for the long term.

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