Behind-the-ear Hearing Aid

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

BTEs sit comfortably behind your ear while amplified sound passes down a tube to a customized earmold that fits securely into your ear. Because they are larger, BTEs can accommodate bigger batteries for longer life and larger amplifiers for maximum amplification. BTEs are suitable for mild to profound hearing losses.


Most durable style of hearing aid

Less change for wax damage as no electronics go into the canal

Earmold can be removed and washed

Most powerful style of hearing aid, which is necessary for a profound hearing loss

Larger in size; can be easier to manipulate

Directional microphones available

Can use larger batteries: the bigger the battery, the longer the battery life

Rechargeable option available in some models

Compatible with wireless technology

Integrated receivers available for FM use


More conspicuous, larger and heavier piece behind the ear

Requires repositioning of the receiver when using the phone

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