Receiver-in-the-ear Hearing Aid

Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE)

RITEs sit comfortably behind your ear, while a thin wire is guided into the ear canal. The receiver, or speaker sits at the end of this wire and delivers sound to the eardrum. They are normally non-occluding (they do not block your ear) but these aids can be adapted for mild to severe hearing losses, and can be worn with or without a custom earpiece.


Smaller unit behind the ear; can be lighter and inconspicuous

Less occlusion with open domes/molds; allows you to hear sounds naturally where hearing is better.

Can be adapted for greater hearing loss with a custom mold

Directional microphones available

Rechargeable option available

Compatible with wireless technology


Requires some dexterity to insert and manipulate the aid

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