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Hearing Loss and Depression

Did you know that untreated hearing loss can have many negative effects on a person’s mental health and well being?

People with hearing loss who do not use hearing aids can become more socially isolated (1) as they shy away from activities they used to enjoy with their family and friends. Depression, loss of confidence and even decreased cognition have been associated with untreated hearing loss in seniors. In contrast, adults with hearing loss, who use hearing aids successfully, find they have better relationships with their family and friends and feel more confident getting out and engaging in activities they enjoy (2). Improving quality of life is crucial to our well being.

As we age, hearing loss can develop so gradually that we don’t notice it ourselves until family members bring it to our attention. It is crucial that hearing be checked on a regular basis so that it can be treated earlier rather than later and therefore reduce the negative effects on our mental health (3). If a family member or friend suggests a hearing test may be warranted, don’t shy away from it. Have an assessment done by a qualified audiologist to determine your hearing needs.

With the tremendous advancements in hearing aids help is not far away, it is important to know that hearing aids are always purchased with a trial period. If you are having problems hearing, call us for a hearing aid demonstration. You have nothing to lose by trying and could experience a whole new world of sound.

1 Mick P et al. Ear Hear. 2016; 37(3):e194-201
2 The National Council on Aging: The Consequence of Untreated Hearing Loss in Older Persons
3 The Complex Link Between Depression and Hearing Loss

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