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Hearing Tech Update: Introducing Virto Marvel

A lot of people avoid hearing aids because they can’t get beyond the look of many devices. They feel that traditional shapes and styles call to much attention to the fact that the person wearing them has hearing loss. That’s unfortunate, because to many people leave hearing loss untreated due to such concerns.

Those same people, however, may not think twice about having a wireless earbud tucked into their ear at any given time, which gave the R&D team at Phonak a great idea. Introducing, Virto Marvel—a stylish, small hearing aid that looks just like an earbud.

Virto Marvel delivers clear, rich, sound, and it can connect wirelessly to smartphones, TVs and more. That means hands-free phone calls, music streaming direct to your hearing aids, and even personal volume control for your smart TV, so you don’t blast other people out of the room. Virto Marvel is also designed to work directly Roger brand sound-gathering devices.

Available in several colors and sporting a great, high-tech-look that gives it the appearance of an earbud, Virto Marvel can also be fine-tuned and customized to an amazing level for your unique needs.

Interested in checking it out? Give us a call! we’ll set up an appointment and show you what Virto marvel is all about.

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