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Hearing Technology Update: Hearing Aids Go Wireless


With devices in our homes and cars all talking to one another via Bluetooth, it was only a matter of time before hearing aids got into the conversation, as well.

The product-development team at a company called Phonak has made it happen. They’ve combined state-of-the-art hearing aid technology with contemporary wireless solutions that takes the sense of connectedness a hearing aid provides to a whole new level.

The Phonak Audéo B-Direct is a hearing aid AND a wireless headset that communicates with other electronics, such as Bluetooth-capable smartphones.

If you’re not in a position to hear your smartphone ring, and a call comes in, Phonak Audéo B-Direct will pick up a signal from your phone, letting the ringtone through to you. No more worrying about missing a call because you couldn’t hear the ringer.

This technology also eliminates having to scramble to find your phone when it rings, in case you’re not sure where you put it down. Answer calls by simply tapping a button on Phonak Audéo B-Direct and speaking; built-in microphones will transmit your voice to your phone. You’ll enjoy a crystal-clear call, enhanced by the same sound-reproduction technology that makes Phonak hearing aids such excellent devices.

Phonak Audéo B-Direct also connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth-capable TV. No more subjecting family and guests to maximum TV volume. You can leave the sound at a comfortable level for them and adjust the wireless volume on your Phonak Audéo B-Direct to the perfect level for you.

Hearing technology changes all the time. If you’d like to know about more of the latest developments, please call us about setting up some time to come in and see (and hear) what’s new.

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