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Hearing Tests Are Important: You Heard It Here First

You may know that you don’t eat very well, but you can’t really feel if that’s doing something to your cholesterol level.

That kind of thing happens over time and requires a blood test to let you know what’s going on.

The same thing goes for your hearing. Most hearing loss comes on gradually, due to age, perhaps, or prolonged exposure to noises over time. Whatever the cause, hearing loss is usually slow to develop. Getting your hearing tested annually, just as you have your blood tested, can let you know when your hearing is becoming impaired.

With that knowledge, you can take steps to protect your hearing going forward, while reclaiming some of what you’ve lost through contemporary hearing aid technology. Knowing that you have hearing loss is an effective way to avoid frustration and even depression over time.

Here’s the thing—most doctors don’t keep comprehensive audiology equipment in their offices, but they can refer you to a professional audiologist who does. A trained audiologist will administer state-of-the-art tests to determine your level of hearing loss and also talk to you about your lifestyle, with the goal of helping you understand all of the factors contributing to your hearing loss.

Next time you have a check-up, ask your physician about referring you for a hearing test. You’ll be happy to have better hearing, and your doctor will be happy that you can better hear his or her advice!

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