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Here’s What Connectivity Means


Early hearing aid manufacturers focused on making hearing aid electronics smaller, so the devices could fit on or in your ears.  Once that was achieved, they focused on improving the sound quality.  When Apple released the iPhone, which introduced the smartphone to the world, hearing aid manufacturers came up with the idea of connecting hearing aids to smartphones via Bluetooth.

Innovative connectivity solutions have grown exponentially since then.

Now, you can use your hearing aids just like wireless headphones.  You can listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, voice memos, YouTube videos or any other audio from your phone.  Instead of being the person who requires listening devices, because you can’t hear well, you can be the envy of your friends, because you don’t need to fuss with headphones or ear buds.

As you get used to talking on your smartphone with your hearing aids, you can claim an advantage in the car,as well, since making a hands-free phone call will be as natural as dialing a telephone.  You won’t need to fuss with yet another device, just so you can talk on the phone while driving your car.

Another recent innovation allows the audio from a phone call to be read as easily as the closed captions on a TV screen or on the assistive listening devices in movie theaters.   Now your smartphone can give you real-life closed captions in real time.

We live in an exciting time for hearing aid technology.  Who knows what will happen next?

One thing we do know is that being hearing impaired is not the curse it once seemed to be.  It’s actually starting to look pretty cool.

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