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Is Diabetes Related to Hearing Loss?


When doctors treat patients with diabetes, they often overlook the fact that people with diabetes are twice as likely to suffer from hearing loss as everyone else.  And people with high blood sugar are 30% more likely to suffer from hearing loss than those with normal blood sugar.

The ability to hear relies on the delicate blood vessels and nerves of the inner ear.  This is why hearing loss, tinnitus and high blood pressure are related.  High blood sugar can also damage those blood vessels and nerves, leading to hearing loss.

Hearing tests seem to be overlooked by the doctors who treat diabetic patients, but that doesn’t mean that those patients or their loved ones can’t take action. It is never too late for anyone to request a hearing screening, and it is recommended to have them done even before you notice any signs of hearing loss. If you or a loved one suffers from diabetes or high blood sugar, begin a regimen of annual hearing screenings. You will never be sorry for those routine checkups.

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