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Not Your Grandparent’s Hearing Aids!


It’s an age in which we all need the technology that makes our lives easier to work effortlessly, automatically and seamlessly. Turn on your smartphone, computer, television and other devices and they should work flawlessly with minimum effort.

So shouldn’t the same apply to hearing aids? The fact is it does – with the new hearing aids offered by Peel Audiology & Hearing Aid Services. Experience great hearing performance, multi- functionality, direct connectivity, and so much more from these modern hearing aids!

Not only are they great hearing aids, it’s an all-in-one hearing experience.

A new, all-in-one hearing solution improves your hearing in everyday life and can even help in the noisiest sound environments. Packed with technology and features that adapt to your life, hearing aids can deliver incredible hearing performance, direct connectivity to all your gadgets and rechargeability.

Based on sophisticated operating systems, the new hearing aids adapt to the listening environment you’re in. Plus, the same system provides top rated sound quality while watching TV, streaming music or podcasts – the possibilities are endless!

As a Made-For-All solution there are hearing aids that can connect to Bluetooth® enabled devices, such as an iPhone® or Android™ based smartphone or tablet, allowing hands-free calls through both ears.

With all these easy to use highly advanced features, delivering exceptional speech understanding and high quality sound, even in more challenging sound situations, is at the core of the new technology offered in hearing aids. You can forget the hassle of needing an additional receiver to hear over distance and noise thanks to Roger™ technology.

By analyzing sounds in real-time, automatically and seamlessly, the core processor in new hearing aidscreates an exceptional listening experience. In addition, with industry leading lithium ion rechargeable technology, it also means enjoying your hearing all day long.


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