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What are Open Fit Hearing


Open fit hearing aids are mini behindthe-ear (BTE) hearing aids that are designed to hide behind the outer ear. Sound is transmitted into the ear canal via a thin plastic tube that connects to a tip that sits within the ear canal. This tip does not block the ear canal like traditional hearing aids. The result can be a more natural and open feeling. Air and sound are still allowed to enter the ear naturally, while amplified sound from the hearing aid enters through the tip.

Since the introduction of open ear hearing aid technology, the number of BTE hearing aids sold has dramatically increased. We feel this is likely due to the increase in customer satisfaction with open hearing aid technology. People report they are much more comfortable to wear and the sound quality is more natural.

Open fit hearing aids are designed for persons with high frequency hearing loss. There are similar models consisting of mini BTE hearing aids and slim tubes but with the speaker or receiver of the hearing aid sitting within the ear canal rather than on the main body of the hearing aid behind the ear. These receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids (RITE) have also become quite popular as they can accommodate a wider range of degree of hearing loss.

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