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Peel Away

Our Blog A word from your Audiologist Canadian road trips you won’t forget Every part of Canada has great places to explore. From coast to coast, here are some great Canadian road trips to enjoy with your family this summer. Vancouver to Tofino, British Columbia If...

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What it Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD)?

Our Blog What it Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD)? ANSD is a problem with the transmission of sound from the cochlea to the brain. This disorder has been diagnosed more frequently since the implementation of the Infant Hearing Program. A newborn diagnosed...

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Hearing aids and Bluetooth

Our Blog Hearing aids and Bluetooth Hearing aids have come a long way since digital technology has been introduced. One of the most exciting new developments is that there are now hearing systems that are bluetooth compatible. Many hearing aid users have problems...

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Ear candling- does it really work?

Our Blog Ear candling – does it really work? The answer is no. In fact, ear candling is dangerous and has no proven medical benefit. Health Canada published a report warning people against ear candling and stating the sale of ear candles for therapeutic use is...

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Hearing Aids and Telephones

Our Blog Hearing Aids and Telephones Does your hearing aid whistle when you use the phone or do you have to take your hearing aid out to use the phone? There are solutions to help you use your hearing aid while on the telephone. 1. Telecoils Most behind-the-ear...

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Improving Your  Understanding of Speech

Our Blog Improving Your Understanding of Speech Even with the most advanced digital technology in hearing aids, there are still situations where speech understanding will be difficult. Here are some strategies you can use to help facilitate better understanding when...

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Infant Hearing Program

Our Blog Infant Hearing Program The Infant Hearing Program continues to screen all babies born in Ontario for hearing loss. Also, any baby identified as at risk for hearing loss will be followed using the surveillance protocol involving ABR testing at 4 months of age...

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Trouble Shooting Hearing Aid Problems

Our Blog Trouble Shooting Hearing Aid Problems Your hearing aid is dead – What do you do? Try changing your battery – If the new battery does not work DO NOT try all the batteries in your package! Check for wax – change your wax filter if you have one (90% of hearing...

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Hearing Aid Technology: Open Fit Hearing Aids

Our Blog Hearing Aid Technology: Open Fit Hearing Aids High frequency hearing loss has always proved to be a difficult loss to fit. Although patients report having hearing difficulties historically they have received limited benefit from hearing aids. Now with digital...

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Our Blog Digital Hearing Aid Price Reduction Over the past year manufacturers have been trying to corner the hearing aid market by offering digital hearing aids at a more affordable price. The competition between manufacturers for your business means now digital...

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Beyond Hearing Aids

Our Blog Beyond Hearing Aids Sometimes hearing aids are not enough To supplement an individual’s hearing aids devices classified as assistive listening devices (ALD’s) can be used. Two of these are discussed below. FM System Commonly used by hearing impaired children...

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Hearing Aid Technology: Improving Hearing in Noise

Our Blog Hearing Aid Technology: Improving Hearing in Noise Hearing in the presence of background noise is the biggest complaint of hearing aid users. Manufacturers are attempting to improve this with their higher end digital hearing aids. Noise reduction circuitry in...

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