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Problems Hearing in Background Noise

Problems Hearing in Background Noise

The ability to hear in the presence of background noise is largely due to spatial processing abilities. Spatial processing is your ability to tell where sounds are coming from. Studies have found that the majority of people with hearing loss have a spatial processing disorder (SPD).

Using hearing aids in both ears can amplify the sounds around you. In addition, using directional microphone technology will also help hearing in noise. However, hearing aids alone cannot improve an SPD.

Problems in background noise can be helped by increasing the signal to noise ratio. That means increasing the level of what you are listening to over the background noise you don’t want to hear. This can be achieved with other devices such as a remote microphone. This technology involves two parts; a microphone and a receiver. The microphone is placed near the person you want to hear and transmits the signal directly to the receiver. You then hear the signal directly in your hearing aids.

These systems can help in meetings, at church, in the car, at restaurants and with the TV. They help you focus better on the signal you want to listen to.

For Ontario residents, the Assistive Devices Program continues to provide a $500 grant per ear for hearing aids. If you are accessing the grant for replacement hearing aids, your current hearing aids must be at least 3 years old, no longer functioning and not repairable for a reasonable cost. They will also provide a $1350 grant towards the cost of a FM system provided you are going to use this system every day.

All hearing aids are purchased with a 90-day trial period.

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