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Smoking Can Cloud Your Ears, As Well As Your Lungs

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The fact that inhaling smoke into your lungs, on purpose, was once seen as a good idea, seems amazing to us today. More amazing is that one out of every six Canadians still smokes, despite hard evidence of the dangers it poses for smokers and people living with them.

The harm cigarette smoking can do to your lungs is well-known, but you may be surprised to learn that there is a connection between smoking and hearing loss, as well.

  • Smokers are 70 percent more likely than non-smokers to develop hearing loss (after adjusting for age, cardiovascular disease history, alcohol consumption, occupational noise exposure and education).
  • Smokers exposed to occupational noise have a four times higher incidence rate of hearing loss compared to non-smoking coworkers in the same position.
  • Researchers have found that teens exposed to cigarette smoke are two to three times more likely to develop hearing loss than peers with little to no exposure.
  • Non-smokers living with a household member who smokes are more likely to have hearing loss due to second-hand smoke.
  • Smoking is known to cause or exacerbate tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

The adverse effect of smoking on hearing has been linked to the number of years a person smokes and the number of packs smoked. As the number of cigarettes per day increases, the risk of hearing loss also increases.

Regular hearing tests are important for everyone, but especially if you have a history of smoking or smoking exposure. And remember, it’s not just about smokers—for instance, children whose auditory systems aren’t fully developed are at a higher risk of hearing loss due to secondhand smoke.

If you smoke or live with a smoker, please contact us about making sure the smoking habit isn’t hurting your hearing health.

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