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State of the Art Hearing Aids: Connecting to YOUR World

With the new wireless technology in hearing aids these tasks are now so much easier.

Recent advances in hearing aids have been quite astonishing. Imagine being able to listen to music, a movie or television just as easily as your hearing peers. Or the ability to easily converse on a cell phone without worrying about placing the phone in just the right position for the hearing aids.

With the new wireless technology in hearing aids these tasks are now so much easier. The hearing aids of today are capable of streaming Bluetooth signals from many different devices. Although this may sound intimidating to some, we have found that people of all ages can benefit from these devices. Our cell phones can now be paired to our hearing aids so the voice travels into the hearing aids without holding the phone to our ear. This enables hands free cell phone use just as the Bluetooth systems in many of our vehicles. To make it even better for the hearing impaired user, the phone signal can travel to both hearing aids enabling better reception on the phones. Two ears are always better than one. Some of these hearing aids require a neckloop to be worn to transmit the signal while others are direct iPhone compatible. Any device such as a tablet or computer with Bluetooth can also be streamed to the hearing aids.

Does your hearing aid have a separate remote control? With many hearing aids you are able to download an application on your smart phone to “create” a remote control for your hearing aids without the need to carry another separate device with you. Television listening is no longer a challenge for many people with wireless connection from the TV directly to their hearing aids. Now your loved ones will no longer complain that the TV is too loud for them! The options with the new hearing aid technology are endless.

Remember hearing aids are always purchased with a trial period. If you are having problems hearing, call us for a hearing aid demonstration. You have nothing to lose by trying and could experience a whole new world of sound.

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