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These Hearing Aids Work Like Ears


Did you know that people avoid dealing with hearing loss for an average of seven years? Perhaps it’s because of the gradual nature of hearing loss, or the sense of denial that says, “That won’t happen to me!”  Or perhaps it’s because older hearing aids have gotten a bad rap for being bulky and uncomfortable.

But newer hearing aids work together the way our ears work with our brains to create sound. They communicate with one another to deliver the most natural listening environment available.  Phonak now has hearing aids that offer seamless integration with their Roger technology. Roger has been proven to help those with hearing loss hear conversations in noisy environments, such as restaurants and boardrooms, 10 times better than their peers with normal hearing.

Now, there’s no longer any reason for people to avoid dealing with hearing loss. If you suffer from hearing loss and can be fit with hearing aids, you can at the very least stand shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone else.  In certain cases, you may very well be able to hear better than everyone else.

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