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Are Two Hearing Aids Better than One?

If there is hearing loss in both ears it is almost always advantageous to wear a hearing aid in each ear. The most obvious advantage of having two hearing aids is that it will allow you to localize sound. The ability to tell where a sound is coming from is dependent on your ability to hear from both ears equally. Not only will you be able to tell where sounds are coming from, but this will allow your brain to focus on what is important and tune out extraneous noises.

Hearing out of both ears also allows you to hear better in background noise, makes speech sound clearer and improves sound quality. When you hear out of two ears not as much amplification is needed and therefore background noise is not amplified as much. There is also less feedback from the hearing aids. We all know that music and speech sound better in stereo. The same principal applies to hearing aids.

It is important to know there are some hearing losses where two hearing aids would not be recommended. However, for those where two hearing aids are appropriate, many are amazed at the difference two ears can make.

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