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Winter Hearing Tips

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We all know that prolonged exposure to loud noise can be detrimental to our hearing. This risk can follow us into the winter months. Remember to protect your hearing from the loud noises such as snow blowers and snowmobiles. Always use earplugs when you are doing noisy activities.

The winter months can create havoc on our hearing aids as well. Water is the number one enemy to hearing aid function and performance. Although most hearing aids are moisture resistant, moisture can still cause corrosion or block sound from entering the ports of the microphones. Here are some helpful tips when using your hearing aids in the winter:

  1. Protect your hearing aids from moisture and condensation on snowy, wet days, by wearing a hat or scarf.
  2. Be more diligent in keeping your hearing aids and batteries dry. Moving from a cold to a warm environment increases the chance of condensation forming. It is this condensation that affects the functioning of the hearing aids rather than the actual temperature itself. When you come in from the cold wipe the hearing aids and battery with a dry cloth.
  3. Have spare batteries with you since the cold weather can adversely affect battery life. However, don’t store the batteries in a cold place! Don’t leave your hearing aids or batteries in the glove compartment of your car.
  4. If moisture and condensation are a persistent problem, consider purchasing a “dehumidifier” for your hearing aids. There are various options available at a reasonable cost.
  5. If your hearing aids stop working after you come in from the cold, open the battery door and let it rest a while. This will give the moisture a chance to escape and allows dry fresh air to circulate.

Although the groundhogs saw their shadows this year, we can hope their prediction for 6 more weeks of winter is unfounded!


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